As big as a party bus stuffed with bridesmaids

I considered getting a Hobonichi Techo planner for the last two years and recently  had the opportunity to buy one from a fellow planner person.  Rebecca purchased the Cousin  (A5 size) and it wasn’t working for her.   This was excellent timing because the Cousin runs April to April and it was the beginning of April.

I’ve been using it exclusively since April 5th  and want to share some thoughts on the Hobonichi Cousin.  Because planner use is as individual as snowflakes something that is a negative for me might be better then a deep-fried Twinkie  for you.   Also since everyone has different organizing needs I can only speak to my uses.  (For example: I know a lot of people use a Hobonichi as a personal journal/diary.

 I think it would be bangin’ for that but since I’ve never tried it, that won’t be something I give a thumbs up/down on)

1.  First, the main site that sells Hobonichi planner is in Japanese and  you can buy a Hobonichi through that site using Google translate BUT it is much easier to use the English (here) Version.


2.  I thought I could use the planner without a cover, and perhaps if I used it exclusively on a desk that would work, but I don’t and I couldn’t.   It will save you aggravation and a second shipping charge if you buy a cover with the planner.  Covers change from year to year and if you see one you love, buy it.  Covers sell out and are not replaced with other designs until the following year.   There are both leather and non-leather plus a vinyl cover for the cover.

Post Author: Reginald Fowler