Buying Guide for The Best Dog Bandanas

If you are looking for a dog bandana for your dog, then you can visit to get a variety of them to choose from. But before that, it is important to know what you need to know before you decide that what you are picking is the right one for your dog. Getting your dog bandana is a new craze as it will make your dog look cool. It might just be a printed fabric which you will then have to tie your dog’s neck.

Things to Consider When Buying Your Dog Bandana

Due to the fact that the dog bandanas are becoming more popular, it means that there are many available in the market and at to choose from but before that, you will need to consider the following:

  • Will Your Dog Be Able to Wear It?

There are dogs which feel proud when they wear bandanas as they feel that they look smart and they will walk the street with their heads high. However, there are others who become fussy and do not like wearing a collar leave alone a bandana. Before you decide to go out and purchase a bandana, why not try tying a handkerchief you see how your particular dog will react.

  • What is the bandana made of?

There is no single dog which will like wearing something stiff or course around its neck. The good thing is that most bandanas are made from 100 percent cotton while others are a combination of nylon and cotton. There are some which are softer after the first wash. You need to pick a bandana with fabric which is soft, durable and robust due to the fact that, dogs are rough. If you purchase a bandana made from frail material, it will get torn easily.

  • How are you going to secure it?

Most of the bandanas for the dogs are normally tied by simply knotting the fabric together or using cords which are then attached to the ends of the bandana. There are those which are secured using fabrics. When you secure with fabric, it might be the best option but it is important to note that, it can easily come out.

  • Is it going to fit your dog?

When a bandana is too small for your particular dog, then that is a bigger problem than having a bandana that is too big. If you own bigger breeds of dog, then it will be tough looking around for a bandana that will be able to fit your type of dog but at chances are, you will get one. When it comes to smaller dogs, you can easily find them but if you buy a bigger bandana, then you have an option of folding it over in order to fit your small dog.

  • Which design?

When it comes to design, that is a matter of personal preference. You might prefer a novelty and quirky design such as stripes flag or patriotic stars or traditional floral patterns. It is possible to get dog bandanas for special occasions such as birthdays with a slogan printed on them. That is a great way to make your dog feel that they have dressed up for the occasion. To have a variety of options, you can have each side of the bandana to have a different print so that you can be alternating it.

  • The packaging of the bandana for your dog

There are manufacturers who package them in form of gifts so that you can easily give them out to your friend for their dog as a gift. For storage, there are those which come with a zipped bag.

  • Do you find it useful?

There are some dog bandanas which you can use to ensure that your dog is cooled down during a day which is very hot. This is possible because they are made from fabric which is special. Apart from looking good, it will also make your dog be comfortable.

The special fabric is able to absorb a lot of water when you soak them. Once you have made them wet, you will then proceed and tie it around your dog’s neck. As the water in the bandana evaporates, energy is used up. The heat from the dog’s body is the one which provides the energy and in the process, cools them up. It works in the same way like human sweat.

Benefits of Bandanas for the Dog

It is possible to get a bandana which is coated with flea repellant and it will work just like any other flea collar. But you should note that there are risks involved here; some owners tend not to be happy about having to use strong chemicals on their dogs. If you are someone who prefers to use the natural insect repellent on your bandana, then go ahead and apply it as it might work for you.

The downside of a Bandana for your dog

But it is important to also note that, what you might be referring to as natural, still contains chemicals like permethrin which might be very harmful to fish and cats. So in case you have a cat around and it comes in contact with the bandana on your dog, or your dog goes for a swim, there are other creatures which are endangered. There are also other consequences if your dog accidentally chews the bandana.

Post Author: Reginald Fowler